A routine colonoscopy could save your life — Are you fully prepared for yours?

Put your mind at ease and make your first colonoscopy a breeze with this comprehensive guide from one of Long Island's top gastroenterologists!

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Everything You Need To Know Before Your First Colonoscopy is straight-up knowledge distilled from years of experience performing thousands of procedures, and is full of valuable information that is guaranteed to make your colonoscopy easier and less anxiety-provoking!

I make this stuff simple and easy to understand...

You won't get bogged down or scared off by complex medical jargon - This book is written in plain simple English so it's super easy to digest (no pun intended).

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Here's just some of what you'll learn...

  • Learn how colonoscopy can prevent colon cancer, and why the test is recommended for all men and women starting at ages 45-50

  • Get all the secrets to making the bowel prep "cleanout" as easy as possible

  • See all the risks of colonoscopy spelled out in black and white, including the risks of sedation

  • Learn how to choose the best doctor to perform your colonoscopy

  • Find out how to prevent colon polyps and cancer using diet and lifestyle changes

  • See when you really need to have vour next colonoscopy (it might be later than you think)

  • ...and much more!

And the crowd goes wild!

Here's what some of my happy readers had to say...

Christine V.

"Superbly written...Dr. Gandolfo is a great communicator!

Beautifully written and informative in language we laypeople can understand."

Jason O.

"I wish I had this guide before my first colonoscopv! It's a terrific book to read and can potentially save lives. Chock full of information!"

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